Das Kapital [a model]
Sixrono Theatro / April, May 2017


conception and direction: Dinos Nikolaou
music composition: Lowtronik
set design: Dinos Nikolaou – Marios Gampierakis
costume design: Margarita Dosoula
lighting design: Manolis Vitsaksakis
assistant director + production coordinator: Magda Gouverou
set painting: Maria Ilia

Das Kapital [a model] is an urban opera that hums the song of western metropoles.

Through the filter of Marx’s Capital, it illustrates the trace and the biorhythm of modern homo-urbanus.

Three figures inhabit a pop, dystopic landscape haunted by an inexplicable feeling of dysthymia. The machines of the metropolis move endlessly and define the pattern that people and things exist within.

Das Kapital [a model], made as a cartoon world, seeking the ways, the “hows”, in liminal times western man can invent meanings and compose his poetics.

Periklis Asimakopoulos, Nikos Dragonas, Foivos Papadopoulos