who / 誰

Dinos has provided creative, production and technical services across the entertainment industry since 2006.

With a Theatre Studies Bachelor Degree from the University of Athens and many long term collaborative relationships with innovative artists and organisations, he has built a strong reputation and become well known within the world of the performing arts. For more than a decade, Dinos was a member of the narrow circle of Dimitris Papaioannou’s team. Throughout their collaboration, he was involved in every stage and aspect of the productions – from scratch to development and from realisation to world touring.

Having worked in more than 30 countries, Dinos has supported the vision of hundreds of artists and worked with some of the most important production companies, festivals and organisations, including Two Works, Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Innovations Unlimited, Five Currents, BWS, The Greek National Opera and Sounds Good to name a few.

Among other projects, he has worked on the Opening Ceremony of the First European Games in Baku 2015 as segment coordinator and assistant director, and as a Production Manager for Doha’s Film Institute Ajyal Film Festival.

His ability to lead challenging and demanding projects led him to become the Executive Producer and Head of Stage Department of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival for two consecutive years.

now / 今

An inspiring and challenging season is in progress:

Director @ Create an Accident 

Head of Projects Development @ NL the creative space

Production Coordinator @ Dan.c.ce Unitiva 

Production Coordinator @ Greek National Opera
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past / 過去

A lot of amazing collaborations and projects have happened the last 16 years. 

Create an Accident 
[2009 - now]

NL the creative space 
[2021 - now]

Greek National Opera [2021 & 2022]

Euripides Laskaridis - Osmosis 
[2019 - now]

Balich Worldwide Shows
[2020 - 2021]

Innovations Unlimited 
[2018 - 2021]

[2019 - 2020]

Dimitris Kourtakis 
[2019 - 2020]

Dimitris Papaioannou 
[2008 - 2019]

Athens & Epidaurus Festival 
[2008 - 2019]

A.Z.E.R.T. Performance Group 
[2006 - 2008]

Poreia Theatre 
[2006 - 2008]

Five Currents 
[2014 - 2015]

Michalis Palilis 

Efi Gousi 

Rafi Music Theatre Company 

Themelis Glynatsis 

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