who / 誰

Dinos is providing creative, production and technical services on the field of entertainment since 2006.

Having worked in more than 30 countries, Dinos has collaborated with some of the most important production companies, festivals and organisations and hundreds of well known and emerging artists from all around the globe.

Dinos' work balances in between production, creative and technical challenges, in a big variation and different scale; from demanding international projects to urban artworks and from big events to independent productions.  

His main priority is to undertake projects that require management, technical and artistic skills.

future / 未来

Inspiring projects and visionary collaborations will take place within 2021 & 2022.

Please come back later for sneak previous and updates.
now / 今

New collaborations, new projects, unlimited creativity and challenges. 

Check this section for regular updates on current projects.
past / 過去

A lot of amazing collaborations and projects have happened the last 16 years. 

This section will be updated soon with a wide selection of past projects.

At the moment, you can explore the first additions:

Poreia Theatre 
[2006 - 2008] 

A.Z.E.R.T. Performance Group 
[2006 - 2008] 

under construction

[2019 - now] 

Create an Accident 
[2009 - now] 

Euripides Laskaridis - Osmosis 
[2019 - 2020] 

Innovations Unlimited 
[2018 - 2019] 

Athens & Epidaurus Festival 
[2008 - 2019] 

Dimitris Kourtakis 

Dimitris Papaioannou 
[2008 - 2019] 

Five Currents 
[2014 - 2015] 

Michalis Palilis 

Efi Gousi 

Rafi Music Theatre Company 

Themelis Glynatsis 

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contact / 連絡先

For any inquires please contact at